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Updated Program Information (Please READ before starting your registration process).


Pre-Competitive is a program designed to enhance the foundational skills needed for solid development. Each class has an edge/turn component as well as a focus on jumps, spins and field moves. Skaters will be encouraged to explore their power for speed and height, as well as their control for turns, rotation and positions. Each class is fully coached in a group format.

This program will start Sept 8th and ends May 15th.


This class is designed to introduce skaters Stage 4 and up to figure skating as well as develop skaters up to the Pre-Juvenile level (Star 5).  Content will cover single and double jumps, basic and combination spins as well as variations and flying spins.


Sample Content Schedule:








7:00 – 8:00 am


20 mins


5 mins


15 mins


10 mins

Field Moves

10 mins


4:00 – 4:50 pm

Power Class

10 mins


10 mins


5 mins


15 mins


10 mins


5:00 – 6:00 pm

Class will be divided in 2. Groups will rotate between

Off Ice Jump – Fitness – Dance

Each group will receive instruction in 2 of these disciplines on a weekly rotation.


7:00 – 8:00 am

5 min

Warm Up

20 mins


20 mins


5 mins


10 mins

Field Moves


Skaters registered in the Pre-Competitive program may also pick up additional sessions.

-     OPEN ICE  is available to acquire Freeskate Sessions to have private or semi-private lessons

-     Competitive sessions in the afternoon are also available

For details please see the program desired.




The Competitive program is designed for the skaters who want to pursue their personal excellence while attending Bill Crothers Secondary School HPA Program. This program combines on and off ice programing to help the skaters maximize their training. Skater’s who do not attend BCSS are also welcome to attend this training.


Fee Structure:

This year we have changed how we handle freeskate sessions. All freeskate sessions (with the exception of Wednesday morning) will be operated at “ticket ice”. This has resulted in a savings to the skater directly. See OPEN ICE for more details.


The Competitive Program consists of a combination between Competitive Classes and Open Ice. The fees have been broken out accordingly. Skaters will need to sign up for both programs in order to have access to the full afternoon programming for that day.



Open Ice 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Class 3:10 – 4:10 pm

(You will need to register separately for the Open Ice and Class)



Mondays and Tuesdays: Off Ice Dance

This class will explore movement in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and other styles while teaching the foundations of posture, presentation, movement and carriage. Skaters are asked to wear “dance slippers” and appropriate clothing. The class is approx. 1 hour. Skaters must be on time and may not be accepted into class if they are late.

Wednesdays: Off ice Warm Up, Freeskate Session and Stretch/Mental Training

Wednesdays will begin with a skater directed off ice warm. This is mandatory for the Freeskate attendance. The Freeskate fee for the morning is included in this session fee (skaters do not need to pay for OPEN ICE for the morning session if they have chosen this option). This session concludes with a stretch & mental training class lead by a coach. This is a subsidized program for competitive skaters only.


Thursday’s on ice class will consist of edge/turns, power or spins and will rotate on a weekly basis. The focus will be on improving the skaters repertoire of skills while building and reinforcing basic concepts. Thursday’s off ice class with be fitness with Andrew Jennings.  This is a 45 min class. Skaters MUST be on time and have proper running shoes.


Friday’s on ice class is “Movement on Ice” with Vesna Markovich will focus on exploring and creating confidence while performing to different styles of music. Skaters are put through rigorous exercises to help them learn how to move their bodies and create edge power and intricacy. Friday’s off ice class will focus on getting rid of the stress from the week. The skaters will be lead through relaxation and stretching exercises to enable the body to have a more effective rest and recuperation time over the weekend. This is a very important step in the recovery process for a well-balanced athlete.


This program will start Sept 8th and end May 15th.



Open Ice:

Open ice is essentially any freeskate session offered this year. Freeskate sessions allow skaters to practice any discipline and rely on skater awareness and ice etiquette to ensure safety on all sessions. Skaters may use freeskate sessions for:

-          Freeskate (jumps, spins, programs)

-          Dance

-          Skills

-          Pairs

Private, semi-private or coach arranged group lessons are available on open ice. Lessons are to be arranged directly through the skater and coach. If you are using Team 8 Point’s coaching staff we will connect with you directly to set up your skater’s coaching team and lesson requirements.


All open ice will be offered in a “ticket ice” format this year. Skaters will choose their sessions and pay a set fee “per session block”. The fee is approx. $12.00 per open ice block. This price is non-negotiable. 


Pre-Competitive: Open ice only needs to be acquired if skaters want to come on additional days to have private lessons.  

Competitive: Open ice will need to be purchased for each afternoon of skating. There is a FULL program option in Open Ice.  


**Skaters who wish to GUEST SKATE on any open sessions will be able to do so. Please contact Sharon Maki  at sharon.maki@skate8points.com or Monica Lockie at monica.lockie@skate8points.com directly to arrange. 




Memories from last summer...






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8 Points Centre of Excellence is a comprehensive figure skating program designed to integrate athletic training with academic success and family balance.  Our program is for athletes and coaches who expect the very best from themselves.  

At 8 Points, our mission is to provide an environment where skaters are encouraged to pursue personal growth and development opportunities in the achievement of their skating goals.  Our program is run out of the Angus Glen Community Center and in partnership with the York Region District School Board and Bill Crothers Secondary School.


The program at 8 Points Centre of Excellence is unique within our community.  We strive for athletic and academic excellence in an environment, which nurtures the well being of our skaters.  Our program is intimate by design and fosters life skills such as collaboration, encouragement and motivation.  Our holistic approach to training focuses not only on a skater’s development on the ice, but also includes off-ice training, nutrition and general wellness.

We have an incredible pool of coaching talent at 8 Points and we welcome new coaches and their students to train in a positive and supportive learning environment.

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